A large number of careers are available to students that step into the administration industry. Obtaining a degree is essential in order to be properly prepared for the profession. Students can choose programs from many colleges that offer concentrations that match their interests and learn how to gain an administration education.

Administration gives students a wide range of skills that can include understanding record management, accounting, economic development, e-mail correspondence, and business law. These skills are integrated into administration through several concentration areas that prepare students for specific careers. Common concentration areas include:

  • Business Administration
  • Office Administration
  • Public Administration
  • Executive Assisting

Gaining an education consists of following some basic steps that lead to a career. With several programs available students will need to decide which area is best for them. Choosing a program is the first basic step.

In order to make the best decision regarding a degree program students should research each area. Most of the programs can be pursued at the associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree level of training. Researching the field gives students the chance to match their career goals with the different educational paths. For example, students that want to plan, organize, and direct business related aspects of a company would find that a business administration degree is the best option. Students that want to work directly with business executives performing office duties should consider working through an executive assisting degree program. Without a clear defined career goal students may have a hard time deciding which program to choose.

Once the primary decision is made students are able to complete the second basic step, which is completing a degree program. The best way to gain an education is to successfully work through an administration degree program. Most students begin their educational careers by training at the bachelor’s degree level. This undergraduate level allows students to obtain many entry-level positions and work their way up to advanced jobs or continue education at the graduate level.

For example, a bachelor’s degree program in business administration teaches students to maintain different functions based on their specialization. Through programs in finance, management, marketing, and more students learn the to work with business professionals in a variety of ways. Student’s work to understand the latest processes used to work with employees, other businesses, and monetary funds. Management positions as human resources representatives, office supervisors, and store managers are some available careers in this area of administration.

Students interested in overseeing how public institutions run should complete a public administration degree. A bachelor’s degree program explores several theories to governing and approaching public organizations. The ability to communicate, plan, research, and administer financial areas of the public make student’s prime candidates for careers. Education covers all government laws, ethics, and running finances. Becoming public analysts, program officers, city managers, and economic development officers are some careers available to students that complete an educational program.

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